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Transoms and Sidelites


Rebecca designed this gorgeous prairie styled transom after her visit to the clients newly constructed home. Simply beautiful!!! Transom measures 30” ½” x 71”

bride and groom transom


Newlyweds wanted this window designed to show there ever lasting love. The chain of hearts accented the exact image of their wedding rings. The brides ring consisted of a real 3-dementional faceted stone affixed in the center so that half was showing on each side of the window. The grooms ring was created with faceted jewels. Rebecca installed the window in their new house and the final work was just lovely to look at.






This sidelight was made to match the inserts in the front door. The customer wanted privacy as well. It really added the privacy and look she wanted.



This custom transom window was designed and created from a verbal description of a sentimental place that her clients had visited. A few real shells, thinly sliced were used along with the glass that the clients selected themselves. They loved it!!!



This sidelight all transpired over the internet with emails and photos. Rebecca concluded what glass to use in making a matching sidelight to go with the new door insert. The customer picked up the window and pre-arranged the installation. Days later, Rebecca received an email saying, “I love the window, and it’s a perfect match!!! Sidelight measures 10” x 58”



  The transom seen here was designed to match the existing French doors in the client’s home. When the transom was installed it gave the entire entry a more welcome feeling and a complete look. Transom measures 26” x 69”

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