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~ Custom Designing ~ Repairs ~ Decorative Soldering
~ Lead Came Work ~ Insulating ~ Cabinet Routing
~ Copper Foil Work ~ Sandblasting ~ Lamp Shades
~ Restorations ~ 3-Dimensional Gifts ~ One of A Kind Ideas
~ Re-constructions ~ Installations ~ Stained Glass Classes


An initial customer call or appointment is usually necessary in most cases, rarely are any two jobs the same.

Your project or request will be handled professionally and with the utmost care.

Designs or patterns can be created for you if necessary while implementing a style or theme. All design work will be emailed and require customers approval.

In any situation where a glass selection is required, a 353 glass sample set is provided.



When any internal/external window repairs are requested, the windows is extracted, a cut to size board is put in its place and it is expected the work be done as quickly as possible due to security.

All agreed commission work requires a deposit of half the total cost to initially start. You will also be provided with a completion or installation date at this time as well (as long as all goes as scheduled).


Since almost every request for stained glass and all other work are unique in its own way, each process may differ slightly according to the situation. Insulated or triple glazed windows are available along with installation unless other arrangements are requested by client

The careful technique, patients and skill can be virtually amazing to watch. She says “Theres nothing that she can’t do!” and the record still holds strong to be true.  

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