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Rebecca Hoffman owner, designer


Rebecca mastered stained glass in her early teenage years and it was apparent that she was a natural. Attending craft shows and local events was her first attempt towards selling her beautifully crafted stained glass items and gifts. Through the years, Rebecca’s unique ideas and excellent quality has kept glass enthusiasts smiling and returning back with more creative requests.

While keeping a fulltime job and raising her daughter Melissa, she always found time here and there for creating stained glass. Rebecca does commission stained glass work, both leaded and copper foil techniques in her home studio, spends time teaching the advanced stained glass class in a retirement community and has donated stained glass windows to reputable charities.

She loves a real challenge and strives to constantly give the best of herself in all that she is called upon to do. Most all of her work is custom designed, one-of-a-kind originals and emphasizes that she enjoys working closely with each client to make sure the pattern, glass and type of finish are to their specification. You can count on the finished piece being just as you envisioned it!

FANATICAL - extremely zealous, enthusiastic, wholeheartedly devoted to a cause or goal and who typically seeks to advance it in a partisan manner.


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