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  A softball thrown in the wrong direction can be fatal to stained glass and the repair soon follows much like this front door. The window is carefully extracted from the inside and temporarily replaced with a cut to fit board. It’s important to execute this type of repair as quickly as possible due to the security of the home.




The repair is completed; window re-puttied and re-installed using new sealant and the original trim. This entire repair process from start to finish took two days, another job well done and the home owners couldn’t be happier with the excellent quality work and timing.






These three windows were taken out of an old mansion. The owners request for a restoration consisted of the following changes: re-lead, re-use the antique clear glass, add two colors and a rose in the center of the main window.

Here are the three windows now restored and ready to reinstall in the mansion. The owners are very happy with the final work and the mansion has been restored as well.


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